Instuner Chromatic Tuner App Review – Tune you guitar anywhere with style and above all, accuracy

Image of an Instuner Chromatic Tuner

I seem to remember many years ago that I once owned a digital guitar tuner, but let's just say it wasn’t quite up to the calibre of today’s capable technology. In fact, it was essentially a piece of plastic that simply rang out an extremely irritating A note, and that was pretty much it. It also doubled up as a great item to throw across the room in frustration at not being able to crack the impossible Eugene’s Trick Bag after the 80th time running through it. We have moved on since the relative technological dark ages however, and all you have to do if you have a problem these days is to have a sneaky look on the app store or in Google play and you can almost guarantee that there will be an app that claims to have a solution to your problem. Instuner doesn’t merely claim to be the ultimate solution to your guitar tuner problems, though: it is the ultimate tuner than both looks amazing and functions with more accuracy than any tuner or guitarist that requires a tuner could ever need. Here’s a little more information about this superior guitar tuner app that is our first choice for getting and staying in tune.

The reason that this tuner should be serious considered by most, if not all string-twanging musicians out there is that the full version of this app (that is, the version that isn’t the lite version) has such a great range of tuning options with varying interfaces, guaranteeing that you will find yourself the perfect way to tune.

At the heart of the app is the classic chromatic tuner that has a wonderful interface with a clear chromatic dial, a flat/sharp indicator as well as a large-letter display of the current note at the top that tells you whether you need to tune up or down. The tone generator also allows musicians that don’t have perfect pitch to hear whichever note they wish so that they can tweak the tuning peg accordingly: simply tap you desired note on the dial and then tap the centre to cause it to emit that particular tone.

It is the apps’ entourage of more finely-tuned tuners for tuning your guitar finely that make it such an incredible tool, however. The full version of the app contains a strobe tuner which flashes with increased frequency the closer you are to the note, remaining solidly on if the note is in tune. The fine-tuning unit lets you view an horizontal dial with tiny numerical increments in order to really eliminate those annoying tuning inaccuracies that are difficult to pick up by ear alone. If you prefer a more visual cue for your tuning, the Spectrum FFT Unit allows you to view a dynamic, graph-based representation of the notes as well. The spectrogram unit is almost superfluous but is a wonderful extra tool to have nonetheless.

So, instead of merely relying on novelty guitar-centric browser games like Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 or Guitar Hero (which are entertaining but considerably less useful for serious guitar players), consider at very least checking out the lite version of this app from Eumlab. Even this free version can provide you with more tuning power than almost all other guitar tuning apps out there, though no guitar app in the world can possibly hope to provide the variety and sheer tuning weight of the full version of Instuner. Of course we should try to never let your guitar go out of tune again, but if it does, you can guarantee that Instuner is the best tool to get it sounding sweet again.