Top International Music Festivals

If you're a seasoned festival go-er here in the UK then you’ve probably had some damned incredible experiences that you will hold dear for the rest of your life. The world is a large place however, and if you look even a little past the confines of the UK you will discover that there are some international festivals that make UK ones look like small gatherings at a neighbour’s house just down the street.

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Greatest UK Music Festivals of 2014

Image of Glastonbury Festival

Whether you go with a group of 30 of your friends or just a few of your closest mates, the right festival is a welcoming event where you will meet like-minded people who are there for one reason  above all else: to simply have a great time.  Due to the sheer quantity of people involved at most festivals, you are bound to run into many that share your musical tastes with whom you will be able to connect and generally have a great time with.

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The Finest Alternative Rock Artists of Recent Years

Image of Stereophonics Album

The problem with music (and indeed entertainment in general) is that every single note that comprises every single bar of every single line in every single song you can think of has a worth that is based entirely on opinion. While bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are generally considered to be the musical heavyweights of their time, many others would disagree, and some of them not even because they have no taste in music: they simply just don't enjoy the songs of these particular bands.

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